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Tender call notice for supply of different stationary articles/computer accessories/furniture/electronics etc. items for district office and circuit house Sundargarh
  • Collectorate, Sundargarh (Nizarat Section)
21/02/2024 27/02/2024 View (265 KB)
Tender Call Notice
  • Office Of The Assistant Director of Textiles,Sundargarh
20/02/2024 10/03/2024 View (2 MB)
Tender Call Notice For Construction Work
  • Office Of The BDO, Bargaon
20/02/2024 29/02/2024 View (7 MB) 1-Const of Bansikar Model AWC Building Bamdera GP (3 MB) 2-Const of Birimunda Model AWC Building Timna, Timna GP (3 MB) 3-Const of Model AWC at Badkhaman Rungaon GP (3 MB) 4-Const of Model AWC at Bankibahal Barangakachhar GP (3 MB) 5-Const of Model AWC at Barpali Tudalaga GP (4 MB) 6-Const of Model AWC at Chalnamunda Bhoipali (3 MB) 7-Const of Model AWC at Dandapada, Sahajbahal GP (3 MB) 8-Const of Model AWC at Gobindpur, Tileimal, Jarangloi GP (2 MB) 9-Const of Model AWC at Jharmunda Itma GP (3 MB) 10-Const of Model AWC at Kureibaga Fulbari GP (3 MB) 11-Const of Model AWC at Latagaon Bhandarpada Bargaon GP (3 MB) 12-Const of Model AWC at Pamra, Pamra GP (3 MB) 13-Const of Model AWC at Panderpali Malipada, Tiklipara GP (4 MB) 14-Const of Timna Model AWC Building Timna GP (3 MB)
Tender Call Notice For Printing and supply of Requisite Election forms in connection with upcoming General Election 2024
  • Office Of The District Election Office,Sundargarh
20/02/2024 01/03/2024 View (556 KB)
Tender Call Notice For Hiring of Private Vehicle for Official use
  • Office Of The DFO, Rourkela
19/02/2024 28/02/2024 View (2 MB)
Tender Call Notice For Construction Work
  • Office Of The BDO, Lathikata
17/02/2024 03/03/2024 View (7 MB) BOQ AT-T.TELITOLA (2 MB) BOQ at-Ramjodi (2 MB) BOQ at-Lungei basti (2 MB) BOQ at-chutiatola (2 MB) BOQ AT KALUNGA B (2 MB) BOQ AT D.TANKATOLA (2 MB) BOQ AT BAGHIATOLA (2 MB)
Tender Call Notice For Construction Work
  • Office Of The BDO, Sadar,Sundargarh
17/02/2024 05/03/2024 View (2 MB) DTCN AWC BUNDELJHUND (760 KB) gireldungri 2 (2 MB) goudpada (2 MB) kumdrupada (2 MB) Mirdhapada (2 MB) oram pada (2 MB) schoolpada (2 MB) Awc Tender (2 MB)
Tender Call Notice For Printing & Supply of Kuni Calandar for Children 0-3 yrs
  • Office Of The DSWO,Sundargarh
17/02/2024 26/02/2024 View (2 MB)
Tender Call For Construction Work
  • Office Of The BDO,Subdega
16/02/2024 23/02/2024 View (2 MB) Tender Ad (292 KB) Tender Notice 2 (315 KB) Work detail (882 KB) DTCN_compressed (2) (5 MB)
Bid Identification No:-07/2023-24
  • Office Of The SE,Quality Assurance Division,Sundargarh
15/02/2024 27/02/2024 View (301 KB) Tender long notice 07-23-24 (736 KB) Tender schedule document 07-23-24 (2 MB)