The District Office, Sundargarh is itself an education circle headed by one Inspector of Schools. It has 3 education district each headed by one D.I. of Schools.


            There are 1843 Primary Schools, 525 M.E. Schools and 285 High Schools are functioning in the district. Besides, there are 3 Secondary Training Schools ( 2 under Education Deptt., and 1 under SC/ST Development Deptt.) and one DIET are also functioning.


            180205, 83376, and 67272 nos of students are reading in Primary School, M.E.S. and H.S. respectively. Out of the above,……………, …………………, ………………,

are SC/ST students. Similarly 4331 Pry. School teachers, 2179 M.E.School Teachers and 2745 H.S. Teachers are working in the educational institution.


            As per the results of M.E. common examination(2001), 94% students have passed. Similarly 39.48% regular and 72% ex-regular students have passed in HSC Exam.2001 Annual. Further, the no. of students received NRTS is highest in the State.




            This is one of the 14 districts in Orissa where exhaustive measures for achieving universitisation of elementary education by 2010 have been undertaken through mission  “ Sarva Sikshya Abhiyan”.


Launching SSA:-


            Rs.5.48 crores have been sanctioned to make the expenses on teacher’s grant, school improvement, construction of building for buildingless school.


Launching of EGS/AIE:-


            With a view to providing schooling facility to those children who are deprived of it, a new scheme EGS has been launched under the supervision of District EGS and District Advisory Committee of which the Collector is the Chairman. At present the D.I. of School, Sundargarh is acting as the District Project Officer. At Block Level, the S.I. of Schools is acting as Block Project Officer.


            It has been ascertained that there are 1190 unserved habitations in the District where EGS Centres are to be opened which are situated at distance of more than one Km away from the nearest formal schools or which have natural barriors for attending the existing formal schools. 6 voluntary Agencies have been allowed to open EGS Centre in their area of operation. Till date 100 demands have been found feasible for opening of Centres under the direct supervision of District Project Officer.




Engagement of Education Volunteers:-


            All the Sarpanches of Sundargarh district where EGS Centres will be opened have been instructed to invite applications for engagement of Education volunteers. It has been decided by District EGS Committee the engagement of 335 Education Volunteers under Govt. Sector will be completed by the end of March,2002 and they will be imparted training in 4 Training Institutions of the District. By the beginning of the next academic session all the 635 EGS Centres will be made operational.